At MEI Real Estate Services, building long-term relationships is the cornerstone of our management strategy.

Since 1987, we have taken this approach in building our clients’ real estate holdings. By focusing our considerable real estate talent on solutions to the issues that mean the most to our clients, we successfully execute strategies that achieve our client’s real estate objectives. So whether your management needs are for a single property or a real estate portfolio, the team of MEI professionals offers you a partnership of expertise and experience in managing your real estate. MEI Real Estate Services provides a comprehensive range of property management services to clients including the following:

• Administration • Maintenance • Cash Flow Review
• Tenant Relations • Rental Collections • Financial Statements
• Engineering • Security • Portfolio/Asset Reporting
• Risk Management • Purchasing • Marketing Services
• Tenant Improvements • Space Plan Reviews • Variance Analysis
• Cost Engineering • Construction Management • Planning
• Project Management • Financial Reporting • Project Leasing
• Budgeting • Operation Reporting • Bookkeeping


Property Management

Property management is the foundation upon which the success of income producing real estate lies. It is this foundation that we understand so well. Along with the commitment from a team that puts you first, we tailor a management strategy that most effectively takes advantage of an asset’s unique qualities, and achieves your ownership objectives. We pride ourselves on understanding your income and capital objectives and are mindful of the pride that comes with real estate ownership

Financial Functions

Using software technologies modified to address our high standards of analysis and reporting, we provide our clients with a clear and detailed financial picture of their real estate holdings. More importantly, we focus our talents and considerable expertise on the promise of those holdings. Behind these tools is a team of skilled and credentialed MEI professionals with a unique understanding of the relationship between the financial success and stability of the asset, and the tenant leases that serve as the financial engine of all income producing real estate.  We analyze the current state of your real estate assets and determine how best to manage them to achieve your financial goals. We work closely with each client to develop a comprehensive strategy customized to your specific income needs, tax situation and financial objectives. Where appropriate, we also review alternative product type and area specific investment strategies to address risk and return issues.

Tenant Management

Tenants are the lifeblood of all investment real estate. Our team members make it their business to know each tenant, to understand their business as it relates to their occupancy, and to have a working knowledge of their future prospects and how it will impact their real estate needs. In this way, we can insure against surprise vacancies and effectively address expanding tenant space requirements. The lease, which binds the tenant and landlord, serves as the basis of our relationship as your representative with each tenant. A careful review, a complete understanding, and an exacting enforcement of this document enables the MEI team to maximize the asset’s income.


If tenants are the financial lifeblood of investment real estate, the location and the bricks and mortar are what compel them to sign a lease. The MEI team evaluates the physical, mechanical, and aesthetic condition of the property initially and continually to ensure its best performance and curb appeal. Using a combination of in-house expertise and property specific preferred service providers, the MEI team accomplishes optimal functionality and appearance. A preventative maintenance regiment initially conceived and continually updated ensures that nothing falls between the cracks.