Founded in 1987, MEI Real Estate Services’ financial procurement team includes mortgage brokers, consultants, analysts, and marketing professionals

Your MEI team provides hands-on personalized service and comprehensive advice as part of servicing your financing needs.  The highly skilled MEI professionals work hard to source the best possible financing solutions; all the while being actively involved with the loan procurement process from start to finish.  The long-term client relationships forged by MEI is earned through its thoroughness in its due diligence and artfulness in its deal negotiations, both of which are critical components to the success we have achieved for our clients.

The MEI financial team has and continues to successfully locate funding for the majority of commercial real estate product types including retail, office, industrial, multi-family, and mixed use.  Primarily, MEI’s Team focuses on transactions in the $2.5M – $25M range.

Regardless of product type, MEI’s financial team understands the importance of the underlying real estate and best knows how to position the property for optimal results.  Whether it’s a new acquisition, ground up development, renovation, or reconstruction the MEI team can find the best financial solution tailored to your specific needs.

MEI maintains the highest standards of service, innovation, and professional integrity in handling your financing needs.  Our team oriented structure allows for all facets of the transaction to be thoroughly addressed and for no items to slip through the cracks.  Delivering on its promises, your MEI financing procurement team will achieve your objectives using deal tested professionals who apply time tested due diligence techniques. MEI will get the job done right, on time, and with no surprises.  Achieving your financial objectives and maximizing your investments’ potential is our goal.

Acquisition Financing

Perhaps our most significant source of loan procurement is in conjunction with the acquisition of real estate investments.  Our loan procurement team, working hand in hand with an MEI acquisition team, places financing to accommodate our clients “loan to value” target and cash flow objectives at the time of acquisition.  The combined teams of professionals are adept at preparing and presenting the best possible analysis for the sourcing of a loan to close at the time of acquisition, and, also, in advising our client of the right amount of financing available or prudent given the matrix of financial realities.   Our team will evaluate the appropriate amount of loan as it relates to negative and positive leverage, and will evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of a fixed vs. variable rate loan, (i.e. lower rate vs. known payment schedule; short term vs. long term holding period). The MEI financing procurement team negotiates the lending terms including interest rates, loan-maturity, non-recourse, and prepayment penalties, to best suit your financial goals.

Construction Loans

Following the acquisition of vacant land, under utilized, or tired properties, a construction loan can be a critical step toward the financial success of a real estate acquisition.  Our outstanding relationships with construction lenders and in-depth understanding of the construction process enables our team to obtain the ideal financing terms for you including the lowest possible interest rate, the highest possible  loan-to-value ratio, and the most flexible funding terms.


Similar to a construction loan, a renovation or repositioning loan provides financing for tenant improvements or upgrades to a tired or under utilized property.  Such financing can best be used to re-image or re-tenant a property thereby having a significant positive impact on the properties value and cash flow.  To determine the best strategy for such a loan, your MEI Team prepares detailed performance analysis as part of a complete package used for the client to evaluate the overall project internally, and to secure a lending source best suited to fund the project.

Bridge Loans

As an interim solution, bridge loans are designed to provide quick financing until permanent or the next phase of financing can be obtained.  A bridge loan can afford the borrower a quick close for the purposes of foreclosure avoidance, construction or capital improvement project completion, funding of additional acquisitions or the enhancement of cash reserves.  MEI’s financial team can help borrowers understand these products and source the bridge loan now while planning for the long term debt in the near future.

SBA Loans

BA Loans are a valuable tool to assist our clients in acquiring or renovating a business use or to refinance for capital to expand their operations.  MEI has worked with numerous lending institutions that provide SBA 7(a) and 504 term loans.

Mezzanine Capital

Structured as partnership debt or preferred equity, mezzanine capital is used to secure supplementary financing for projects where the primary or construction loan to value is less than 85%.  By tapping a wide range of providers, MEI can help borrowers evaluate their options when increasing the leverage of their assets.

Forward Commitment

A growing trend in the real estate lending industry is the “forward commitment loan,” which entails a lenders promise to make a loan at a date future.  It involves an agreement by a lender to make a loan at a future date, under pre-proscribed terms and generally with a specified interest rate. Sometimes referred to as take-out financing, it is typically used in conjunction with construction loans.  Through its relationships with banks and lending institutions, MEI has obtained and can obtain such future commitments for specific purpose.