MEI Real Estate Services and the MEI Team pledge to treat clients, other professionals, land, and assets with the respect that they deserve,

recognizing that MEI & its professionals will be judged by the integrity and permanence of their services.  They employ the highest ethical principles and will observe the utmost standards of honesty, integrity, and professional conduct.  Remaining free of compromising influences or loyalties, the MEI Team will exercise due diligence in ensuring their performance is creatively, competently, and responsibly administered.  You will be secure knowing that The MEI Team is managing your real estate goals.

Code Of Conduct

MEI Real Estate Services encourages and, in fact, insists that all MEI team members maintain the highest moral and ethical standards in their daily dealings.  We seek to maintain an equitable, honorable, and cooperative association with all who may become part of our business and professional lives.  MEI recognizes and supports the need to preserve and encourage fair, equitable practices and competition among all who are engaged in the real estate profession.  Recognizing that a good reputation is a possession beyond price, we understand that this, combined with the quality of its services, determines the success of our firm and the respect attained in the real estate community.  MEI Real Estate Services strives to ensure the extraordinary and professional quality of its business.

The MEI team places honesty, integrity, and industriousness above all else.  We pursue success through diligent study and continually improving our professional skills.  Our obligations to clients shall always be maintained at the highest possible level.

As a member of the Institute for Real Estate Management, the Urban Land Institute, and the CCIM Institute, MEI team personnel pledge themselves to comply with the principles and declarations set forth in the bylaws, policies, and codes of professional ethics created by these organizations.