The focus of the MEI Investment Team is two-fold.

First, the transaction must be structured so that an agreed upon return on the invested dollars is generated from day one.

Secondly, the real estate investment vehicle must provide realistic and achievable capital appreciation in the prescribed investment period. We are able to achieve this through leveraging 25 years of MEI’s real estate management and brokerage experience.

Investment Vehicles

The real estate investment opportunities that the MEI Investment Team focuses on range in acquisition value from $5 million to $25 million and include properties in the following categories:

  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Office Buildings (low and mid-rise)
  • Industrial Parks
  • Multi-family Residential

Debt/Equity Structure

To facilitate most acquisitions, MEI utilizes a debt/equity structure that maximizes investor returns but does not cause risky operational financial concerns. In most cases debt is considered at levels where positive leverage adds to short term cash flow enhancement yet does not hinder long term capital appreciation.